Receta de cocadas chilenas de manjar.

I know this in Chile! The recipe is: Manjar (known as dulce de leche) Vainilla cookies Coconut I love them

Chilean Pisco | Foods From Chile

My Chilean Pisco Sour Recipe : 1 cup of lemon juice, of chilean Pisco, white egg (optional) sugar or splenda, ice. Mix all in a mixer and enjoy it!

Curanto. Typical from the South of Chile// Típico del Sur de Chile.

Curanto al hoyo. Typical of southern Chilean Patagonia. It makes a hole in the ground. They put burning charcoal embers stone covered with pork, beef, poultry, seafood, potatoes. Cover with plant called Nalca.

Chilean Guava - edible evergreen hedge

The ideal candidate for the edible home garden. A hardy, dense evergreen shrub ideal for hedging, just like box but with fruit! It grows and fruits in part-shade an has no pest or disease problems.


(: Simple recipe, except that instead of breadcrumbs, use rice and instead of milk, use battered egg whites (to hold the meat balls together).

Chancho en Piedra - En Mi Cocina Hoy

"Chancho en Piedra" or Pig in stone is the most traditional Chilean sauce to have with BBQ and breads

Empanadas camaron queso

Cheese & shrimp empanada - use frozen empanada dough and these would be so quick!