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seed starting tips for a successful vegetable garden
Seed Starting Tips For a Successful Vegetable Garden
Unlock the secrets to successful vegetable gardening with expert seed starting tips, ensuring a thriving and bountiful garden harvest.
a basket filled with lots of red velvet pumpkins
How to Make a Tomato Pin Cushion
How to Make a Tomato Pin Cushion. A quick and easy tutorial loaded with tons of picture son how to make a tomato pin cushion.
the window boxes are filled with flowers and plants
17 Things I Want To Do In 2023 - Week 42 of 52 - One Hundred Dollars a Month
17 Things I Want To Do In 2023 - Week 42 of 52 - One Hundred Dollars a Month
tea leaves and strainer with the words drying mint leaves in a dehydraator
Drying Mint Leaves In A Dehydrator - One Hundred Dollars a Month
A quick and easy picture packed tutorial for Drying Mint Leaves In A Dehydrator. Why pay for mint tea when you don't have to?
a bucket full of water sitting on top of a pile of dirt with the words where to find free containers for your garden
Free Gardening Containers
Why pay for gardening containers when you can get them for free? Seriously, check out this post to find out how and where.
how to plant tulip bulbs in the garden
How to Plant Tulip Bulbs
A quick and easy tutorial on how to plant tulip bulbs. YES, deer LOVE tulips!!! So keep that in mind as you are
tomatoes and other vegetables are shown with the words how to save tomato seeds on them
How to Save Tomato Seeds
Save big bucks on next years garden by checking out this easy tutorial on how to save tomato seeds. It's easier than you think!
a basket full of garlic sitting on the grass
How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs
A quick and easy tutorial on how to plant daffodil bulbs. Belive it or not, all they really require is planting and then sheer neglect.
carrots are being held in an orange container with the words how to keep carrots fresh all winter
How To Keep Carrots Fresh All Winter
Maximize your harvest this year by storing your carrots long term! I show you how in this easy step by step blog post.
a beetle sitting on top of a green leaf with the words how to get rid of japanese beetles
How To Get Rid of Japanese Beetles
9 Proven Tricks From Readers On How To Get Rid of Japanese Beetles.
two people standing in front of a car with the words 10 fun fact about zucchini
10 Fun Facts About Zucchini
10 fun facts about zucchini. Did you know zucchini has more potassium than a banana? Now there's something you can bring up at your next garden party!
a hummingbird flying over a pink flower with the words diy hummingbird nectar recipe
DIY Hummingbird Nectar Recipe
There's no need to buy hummingbird nectar at the store when you already have everything you need in your pantry!
broccoli growing in the garden with text overlay that reads, 16 vegetables you can harvest in 5 days or less
16 Vegetables You Can Harvest In 55 Days Or Less
There is still time to get another round of vegetable seeds in the ground! Check out these 16 vegetables you can harvest in 16 days or less.
small potted plants are arranged in front of a brick wall on a wooden stand
8 Places to Find Free Gardening Containers - One Hundred Dollars a Month
Seriously, why pay for something when you can get it fro free? Check out these tips on how to get free gardening containers.
a pile of vegetables with the title how to make fruits and veggies last longer
How to Make Fruits and Veggies Last Longer
Wondering how to make fruits and veggies last longer? These tips stand the test of time and are great life hacks for saving money!
green grass with the words, why does ornamental grass fall over?
Why Does Ornamental Grass Fall Over?
Grasses typically fall over for two reasons. The first is over-fertilization. Yep, you just might be taking too good care of your plants. When ornamental grasses
an artichoke is shown on a blue background
10 Fun Facts About Artichokes
Want to learn more about artichokes? Did you know artichoke leaves can be ground up and made into tea. This is very popular in Vietnam. Check out all 10 fun facts about artichokes on the blog!
how to control potato beetles in the garden and on the ground with text overlay that reads, how to control potato beetle
How to Control Potato Beetles {Bugs}
Easy, doable suggestions for how to get rid of potato beetles in your garden you can implement RIGHT NOW
growing shasta daisies from seed is easy to grow and can be used in many ways
Tips For Growing Shasta Daisies From Seed
Shasta Daisies are an excellent perennial flower. They are super easy to grow from seed, great for bouquets, and they multiply like crazy. So, basically, all you have to do is set it and forget it to reap the reward for years to come.
corn on the cob with text overlay how to freeze fresh corn
How To Freeze Fresh Corn
Stock up when corn is in season! I show you how to freeze corn in this quick {photo packed!} tutorial!
the cover of an easy to use companion planting chart is shown with lettuce and radishes
Easy to Use Companion Planting Chart
This easy to follow Companion Planting Chart is my go to reference for keeping track of how to layout my garden. It makes organizing my space
carrots are being held up by two hands
10 Fun Facts About Carrots
Did you know carrots are 87% water! Holy canolies! What else don't you know about carrots? Pop on over to find out.
how to freeze pesto in an ice tray and then put them in the fridge
How to Freeze Pesto
A quick tutorial on how to freeze pesto the easy way!
a woman kneeling down next to a dog on top of a dirt ground with lettuce growing in it
10 Fun Facts About Cabbage
Did you know cabbage is also often applied to the face to clear up acne prone skin!?
a man with a wheelbarrow full of potatoes and the words 9 companion plants to grow with your potatoes
Companion Plants For Potatoes
Grown together these 9 companion plants for potatoes is another way to increase your yields and ward off potential diseases and pests.
woman looking up at cabbage in jars with the words 7 ways to use up and preserve fresh cabbage
7 Ways to Use Up and Preserve Fresh Cabbage
Got a boatload of cabbage you need to use up? Check out my 7 ways to use up and preserve fresh cabbage post.
a woman in nun costume holding a log on a cart with wheels and chains attached to it
If Only The Pilgrims Would Have Had Log Splitters - One Hundred Dollars a Month
“The nation needs to return to the colonial way of life, when a wife was judged by the amount of wood she could split.” W.C. Fields⠀
red bell peppers with text overlay that reads 10 fun fact about bell peppers and how to use them
10 Fun Facts about Bell Peppers
10 Fun Facts About Bell Peppers! Prepare to be amazed! Did you know a bell pepper has the highest levels of Vitamin C of any produce item?
a deer standing on top of a dirt ground next to trees and grass with its head in the air
10 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden
Looking for ways to keep Bambi out of your garden? Check out these 10 tips for keeping deer out of your garden.
glass flower art is an easy way to make upcycled glass flowers and vases
How to Make Upcycled Glass Flower Art
Wondering what to do with all of Grandma's old glassware? How about some upcycled glass flowers for the garden?