Easter Island!

Rano Kau volcano in Rapa Nui National Park, Easter Island, Chile - Photograph by YANN ARTHUS BERTRAND For me, the allure of aerial photography is the unique perspective it gives.

easter island

Easter Island - a foot tall stone replica of one of the island statues was a Christmas present when I was in Junior High and I've been fascinated every since.

Moais, Easter Island

Los Moáis de Pascua parecen tener cuerpo completo

Easter Island is an isolated Polynesian island located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Politically, Easter Island is a special territory of Chile.

Easter Island

The Lost Civilisation of Planet Mu - Moai Statues, Easter Island - Photo by Ryoji

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Happy Easter: Statues, silence and serenity on Chile's lost island at the end of the world

Teeth Solve an Easter Island Mystery Some of the massive Moai statues on Easter Island, Earth's most remote inhabited land, a South Pacific speck of volcanic rock so isolated the locals call it The Navel of the World.

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Easter Island is one of the world’s wonders and another territory of Chile. Witness huge stone like statues of an indigenous Chilean tribe. The monumental statues are called Moai.