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two wooden planters with green plants in them on a table next to each other
beginner woodworking projects diy
beginner woodworking projects diy
💡Dollar Tree DIY CADDY Decor! —so easy & affordable
Difficulty: Easy Supplies: • 2 wood crates (Dollar Tree) • 2 wood spatulas (Dollar Tree) • Wood dowel • Jute rope • Hot Glue Gun • Paint/stain of your choice 💡Visit for more creative ideas!
a painting of two white flowers in a pot
a wooden wall hanging with flowers on it
Scrap fence board craft
Used a piece of fence board for this craft. White washed then dry brushed a darker color. Used biscuits for the flowers. I used 2 sizes. Size 20 and 10. The center of flower is a half of a 20mm bead purchased from Amazon. The fence is just smaller pieces to create that backyard fence look. Added grass just to give it a real look. Added a picture hanger on back.
a wooden sign with flowers in a pot on top of grass and dirt next to a door
two miniature bottles with fake grass inside and ghost heads in the top one is filled with moss
Adopt a Ghostie Ghost, Halloween, Spooky, Cute, Decor, Witchy, Witchcore, Cottagecore, Goblincore, Gothic, Oddity, Cottagecore Decor, Gift - Etsy
a wooden pumpkin sitting on top of a counter next to some leaves and other things
two tags decorated with sunflowers are sitting on a wooden table next to each other
35+ DIY Dollar Store Fall Crafts that You Have to Try