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Lapageria is a genus of flowering plants with only one known species, Lapageria rosea, commonly known as Chilean bellflower or copihue.

El copihue. La flor Nacional chilena


Lapageria rosea, COPIHUE.


Copihues blancos // ❤❤

Copihues blancos

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Lapageria Rosea - The Chilean Bell Flower


Copihue Blanco (Chile)

Copihue Blanco (Chile)

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Copihue, Flower endemic to Chile

Chile Alerce Andino Coicopihue flower

Can anyone tell me what this flower is called? I think it is the national flower emblem of Chile. OK apparantly its Copihue (Lapageria rosea) only the red one is the national emblem. See "And the glory of the lord" comment below. Oh! ok apparantly the latest theory is "coicopihue" (Philesia magellanica) which is smaller see Desde Chiloe below and Leon Calquin.

Copihue, national flower of Chile — with Goldie Moll and Nguyễn Công Thắng.


Copihues Rojos Flor Nacional de Chile

Copihues Rojos Flor Nacional de Chile

Luz de copihue por Guillermo Feuerhake.

Luz de copihue

La suave l

Copihue vine is a perennial and belongs to the family Philesiaceae, its scientific name is Copihue.


The national flower of Chile is the Copihue. It flowers on a vine high up amongst the trees of the virgin forests. A mystical flower of many legends, it is sacred to the Mapuche of central Chile

Copihue de flores magenta (Lapageria rosea) endémica de Chile

Lapageria - Chilean Bell Flower by Eric Hunt

Lapageria rosea 'Mission Lace'

Photographed at the San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum

Lapageria rosea, the Chilean Bellflower: picotee form called 'Collinge'

Chile ,flor nacional Copihue

copihues rojos

copihues rojos