laguna de incas in portillo, chile

James Heim and Michelle Parker using Kayaks to access skiing on Laguna de Incas in Portillo Chile (summer beach activities)

Termas Geométricas hot springs,  Pucon, Chile l Photography by @seniorjp #destinationearth

Termas Geométricas hot springs, Pucon, Chile l Photography by - Tap the link to shop on our official online store! You can also join our affiliate and/or rewards programs for FREE

Templeman - Cerro Alegre - Valparaíso, Chile.

Ever since Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende I've wanted to visit Valparaiso. I wonder if it still has the same sense of culture and exotic atmosphere.

Cositas Ricas Ilustradas por Pati Aguilera

Cola de Mono - Really good! I made it with pisco and added half a cup.

Photographs of Tierra del Fuegan Indians, the Yamana and Selk'nam taken by Martin Gusinde between the end of 1918 and 1924.

Selk´nam People, Tierra del Fuego, Martín Gusinde - A Terra do Fogo (em…


Discover the beauty of Chile through photos taken in Valparaiso, Chiloé, Isla de Pascua and Atacama. Here a view on the port of Valparaiso.

CHILE: Futaleufu River in Patagonia, Chile

Futaleufu River Rafting

Between Khyber Pass and the Himalayas with on the Futaleufu River, Earth River Expeditions by Jonathan Fogle

can't wait to end the year in Chile <3 my Chilean vocabulary is pretty perfect so I am ready to practice it :)

wine Chile - Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson gives us a little history on the Southern Hemisphere wine region.

Yamana Canoe Indians, Tierra del Fuego

Real Mermaids: Why do we mostly have myths and sightings of mermaid and not mermen? The reason could be that, most working breath-holding divers are women.

Puerto Natales, Chile

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