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♡ now, explode meet a point yoi never have * no £and same €arth same foot same place different point * to come not to become, * to become * now, £and *

Have you felt or seen the bad side to your brain where you get evil ideas for people or it is full of revenge, anger, jealousy? And have you seen or felt the better side of your brain where you see…

gorbigorbi: “ Bolshoi Ballet Academy of Russia student Stanislava Postnova ”

ballet ballet dance - ballet ballet dancer ballet shoes black and white photography dancer dancing dancing shoes pointe shoes ---

Ana Turazashvili Ана Туразашвили, Bolshoi Ballet Source and more info at: Photographer Alexander Yakovlev Website Photographer Alexander Yakovlev on Photographer Alexander Yakovlev on Fotolia…

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