Laguna de Incas in Portillo, Chile by Grant Gunderson

James Heim and Michelle Parker using Kayaks to access skiing on Laguna de Incas in Portillo Chile (summer beach activities)


Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Peru. All I want to do is hike around here in Peru. if I do nothing else I just want to visit Machu Pichu before I die

Saltos de Huilo Huilo, Region De Los Rios, Chile

CHILE The capital of Chile is Santiago. The inlet at the top of Africa was part of Chile during Pangea. Chile also has one of the highest lakes above sea level.

10 Unique Hotels Around The World

10 Unique Hotels Around The World

TRAVEL: A nature retreat with plenty of hiking and exploring and fresh air, in South America. (Hotel La Montaña Mágica Lodge / Huilo Huilo, Chile)

Montana Magical Lodge / Huilo Huilo, Chile - if this place is real I want to go

Do go chasing waterfalls. Ojos Del Caburgua, Pucon, Chile. Photo courtesy of travelerbynature on Instagram.

Best Places to Travel in 2015

National Park Radal - "Las Siete Tazas" , Chile - via Fernando Esteban's photo on Google+

♪ Las Siete Tazas in National Park Radal in Curicó Province, Maule Region.

Cité Adriana Cousiño, Barrio Yungay (Santiago Centro).

At one point or another, weather no longer holds its charm. Here are 5 options for beautiful world travel that stay cool even at their summer’s peak.

Playa La Virgen una de las mejores playas del pais, ubicado en la tercera region

Playa La Virgen una de las mejores playas del pais, ubicado en la tercera region

Lago Chungará y Volcán Parinacota, Chile | Fotografía de Osvaldo Larrain L . en

Lauca National Park is located in Chile's far north, in the Andean range, about 145 Km east of Arica. Photo by Osvaldo Larrain L .

Portillo, Chile

The heated swimming pool at the Hotel Portillo in Portillo, Chile is perfect for relaxing after a long day of skiing. Ski in July in South America's best ski resort!