Homemade Vanilla Sugar makes for a sweet homemade gift!

How to make Vanilla-Scented Sugar. Cause you can never have enough vanilla around!

Preserved lemons and citrus

Preserving lemons is a pickling technique where lemons or other citrus fruit are packed in salt and citrus juices.

Learn how to make Candied Citrus Peel and you'll always have a sweet DIY food gift at your fingertips.

Why Candy Citrus Peel? Candied citrus zest (aka candied citrus peel, crystallized citrus peel) is very useful as a garnish or as an ingredient in .

Learn how to make homemade flavored sugars like Lime Sugar, Hibiscus Sugar, and more!

Flavored sugars are incredibly easy to make and can be used as an ingredient in desserts and beverages, served to the side of coffee and .

Homemade Hot Sauce- a great gift for the spicy food lovers in your life!

This is a recipe for a basic vinegar-based hot sauce (similar to the various spicy sauces found on restaurant tables across America), but with a .

Homemade Chile Infused Vinegar- great for holiday gifts!

This technique can be used to flavor vinegar with all of our dried chilies (for less potent varieties you may have to crush the chili .