Mano del Desierto (Hand of the desert) Roca Hornos - Atacama Desert - Chile

Mano del Desierto (Hand of the desert) Roca Hornos - Atacama Desert - Chile; an hand protruding out of the sand. Mano de Desierto is a work of the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal, built in the early


Ever since Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende I've wanted to visit Valparaiso. I wonder if it still has the same sense of culture and exotic atmosphere.

Cerro San Cristobal Santiago

Great stuff on this page, even more excited to experience Santiago for myself. On top of the San Cristobal Hill - Santiago, Chile

Torres Del Paine Chile

Torres del paine national park in Patagonia chile - seriously the most beautiful place I have ever been

Región de Aysen

Very good afternoon here the horoscope May 2016 to May with the most beautiful images of Chile. A hug, very lucky. Apply and your personalized 2016 forecast.

Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar, Chile - I was spoiled.and enjoyed the beach every day.

Patagonia Chilena

heart just dream next BIG tip is Patagonia! Correntoso Lake and River Hotel - Patagonia, Chile

Arica Fiesta De La Tirana

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