Los Pozones, Pucon, Chile - natural hotsprings- totally transparent like a clear glass

Turquoise Pool, Chile Located north east of the Mocho-Choshuenco volcano in Los Ríos Region. « Cute and Amazing

✮ Valparaiso, Chile

Hanging house over 100 year old cable car Valparaiso Chile. more with healing sounds:

Marble Caves in Chile

Marble Caves in Chile, South America. We've held a vote here in the CP offices and have decided to relocate our HQ in these caves.

Salto el Leon waterfall near Pucon, Araucania, Chile

Salto el Leon waterfall near Pucon, Araucania, Chile. My family lived in Pucon for a few years.

Chile Central , Las Araucarias bajo un cielo estrellado

Central Chile, Araucaria trees beneath a starry sky.

Gabriela Mistral  Poetisa    ( Premio Nobel )

Gabriela Mistral Literature first Latin America Noble prize winner 1945 Chilean