More ideas from REDWOLF_IS_HERE

Short film made for an animation contest. It reports some moments of the voyage of a probe type "rover", that explore the Martian surface and something more .

Black Holes

Surface of an exoplanet, without atmosphere and with many craters. I use a bump texture and a micropolygon displacement system inside

coca-cola over ice, Mauro Abde

It's a wooden chessboard, based on my own chess board in the living room.

This is an animation of the Chilean flag in using physical simulations.

The Vril 1 "Jager" (hunter) German experimental combat aircraft, developed by the SS, the Vril and Thule society. The aircraft was armed with 2 30 mm guns and a lower mm turret. It was an aircraft for 2 occupants, a pilot and a gunner.

It is a light tank of combat. It uses a propulsion system that allows it to move quickly through rough terrain or obstacles. It has a high caliber turret at the top and a main cannon.