Marble Caverns of Lago Carrera, Chile

Marble Caverns of Lago Carrera, Chilean Patagonia Marble Caves are the most famous attraction of Patagonia (Chile). This Caves attract a lot.

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Areas to visit: Chile, So. Amazing variety of climate and terrain.

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Penguins on Isla Magdalena, Punta Arenas, Chile

Walking with penguins on Isla Magdalena in Chile (Travel Video)

Mote con huesillos es una bebida refrescante chilena, no alcohólica, que se compone de una mezcla de jugo acaramelado, con mote de trigo y duraznos deshidratados, llamados huesillos. // Mote con Huesillo is a refreshing beverage, nonalcoholic, which consists of a mixture of caramel juice with wheat mote and dried peaches, called huesillos

mote con huesillos (wheat with dried peaches) -- This is a sweet beverage made by stewing a sugary syrup with wheat and dried peaches. After cooling, the liquid is strained and served with the cooked wheat. Here, a dried peach is also added.

Copihue This beautiful flower, called Copihue, is the national flower of Chile. Copihue, Copiu (map), Lapageria rosea. Planta trepadora, ramosa, de hasta 6 m. de alto. Flores hermafroditas, solitarias, rojas, blancas y rosadas, de forma acampanada. De 6 pétalos, de 7-10 cm. de largo por 2-2,5 cm. de ancho. Es la flor nacional de Chile. Sus frutos son comestibles.

This beautiful flower, called Copihue (Lapageria rosea), is the national flower of Chile.

Mi Diario de Cocina: Sopaipillas

"Sopaipilla" is a famous chilean food and one of my favorite food, first because it's easy to cook and also because it's very tasty. Sometimes "sopaipillas" taste a little bland but you can mix them with pebre.

Merkén, hot chilean Mapuche spice made from dried and smoke peppers!

I love this hot chilean Mapuche spice made from dried and smoke peppers! I wish I knew where to get my hands on some here in the states. Volviendo a lo natural.