Valparaiso, Chile.

Lovely Piano Key Staircases in Valparaiso, Chile. Scale a piano forte


La Gran Via Madrid Spain. Always full of people day and night is the heart of Madrid.I love Madrid!


Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain. I have had the pleasure of doing a (not very good) street performance here =)

Santiago, Chile

Happy New Year!. Happy Travels!

Santiago and the Andes, Chile - one of the most unspoiled countries on earth.

Torres Del Paine

Lake Pehoé, Torres del Paine National Park, Magallanes Region of southern Chile.

Pucon, Chile

Surrounded by live volcanoes, which you can ski on, super gnarly rivers, hiking gurus. I'm so Lucky I have connections there. I'm going to learn Spanish and travel there one day

La Serena, Chile.

The Faro Monumental de La Serena, Chile is a beacon located in the town of La Serena.

Andes in Chile

Andes in Chile. Find information about the stunning Andes Mountains Chile, from the Torres del Paine National Park to the El Tatio Geyser Field.


Pucon is a very popular tourist attraction in Chile located in the Araucania region. Known for its stable weather and for its location close to a volcano and a lake, Pucon is a heaven for tourists especially in summer.