I don’t know if you guys care much for drawing notes but read on if you’re interested in my personal thoughts :D “ Drawing this girl was an adventure. The bottom two pics is how she started. It took me so long just to replicate her face in ¾ view and.


Noemie sketches by dCTb on deviantART. Character Design / Reference ~ This is it! I've been looking for just the right character to finish off the group, and this is her!

Mujer mapuche, uno de nuestros pueblos originarios./ Mapuche lady, Argentina.

Mapuche Girl -The Mapuche are a group of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina.

Aukanaw - La Ciencia Secreta de los Mapuche (edic. 2013) by exmeridianuslux

Aukanaw - La Ciencia Secreta de los Mapuche (edic. 2013)

Introducción a la religiosidad mapuche.