Ideas Urbanas

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Algunas ideas que deberían ser implementadas y consideradas en las zonas urbanas; así también como algunas otras ideas inspiradas en el estilo de vida.
City, bikes ...

Bicycle stand that makes it easy to lock bike and protects seat from getting wet.

Buena Idea

Swings for disabled kids - Special swings at a playground designed for kids in wheelchairs. Faith in humanity restored. That is the best thing I have seen in a LONG time!

Infiltrated Cultural and Ecological Urbanism | Maxthreads.The objective was to ‘inspire a meaningful sense of community and a shared commitment for social and environmental responsibility’, by way of an increase in density and in ‘in-filling’. Yes, yes, density seems to imply in-filling, but in architecture there can certainly be ‘density’ that still has many empty lots. This project seeks to do away with those empty space, replacing them with urban agriculture and historically integrated…

Infiltrated Cultural and Ecological Urbanism

Garage oculto para tu vehículo.

There is no denying that secret are rooms are awesome. They are the sort of thing that you would only expect to see in a hollywood film, but all of these secret

An awesome watch.

Apple has been known especially for their great design, so imagine if they made a watch. How will it look like? Well the designers over at ADR Studio have been to work and created a masterpiece on an amazing Apple watch concept and its called the iWatch 2