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agustin dittborm
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Urban art in France by Borondo #borondo #streetart #france

Great collection of world street art, graffiti, wall murals and urban art from the world's great street artists / See more graffiti art online on Mr Pilgrim


shades of where the drummer has played or moved Drawing visual movement. Try having students take a small video of an activity. Clip a series of still shots, and create drawings that combine the various caught movements.


"I believe every architect should take a position in their designs. Their values should underlie every project they work on. This image, to me, represents how this artist values the natural environment above the urban, human imposed environment".

Mr. President

President Barack Obama watercolor by David Choe - I love how instantly recognizable this is, even with the seeming lack of detail. It takes true talent on the part of an artist to convey so much with so little, and true force of personality on the part of

Strook - Stefaan De Croock - selected project

Belgian artist and illustrator Stefaan de Croock‘s (a. Strook) tribute to Jack O’Neill (founded the O’Neill brand) in pen and ink. All important facts of Jack’s life are hidden in the drawing.