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Salted Butter Almond Dessert
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there is a pie on the table ready to be eaten
Tarta de manzana con crema pastelera Receta de Mauricio
MARY’S GALAKTOBAKLAVA. Two of our favourite traditional Greek desserts, Galaktoboureko and Baklava, combined to make a delicious masterpiece! Crispy layers of syrup drenched Fillo Pastry and nuts sandwich a luscious layer of creamy custard. A great dessert option that everyone will love! You’ll find the recipe and full instructional video on our website, here is the direct link which you can copy into your internet browser:
Cherry and Coconut Crinkle Fillo Pie
If you love the original Crinkle Fillo Cake made with Filo Pastry (or phyllo dough), then you will love this version using fresh cherries and coconut. It’s just as delicious using frozen cherries or jarred Morello cherries if you can’t access fresh cherries. Watch the instructional video to learn how to make this cherry and coconut crinkle fillo pie.
Baklava Custard Scroll Cake
Just when you think that baklava can’t get any better! Crispy baklava scrolls sitting in a warm custard – this is what dessert dreams are made of! This delicious sweet scroll recipe is a wonderful version of baklava. It's a great custard based recipe and baklava recipe that is perfect as an afternoon tea recipe, morning tea recipe or dessert recipe. This dessert can be eaten as a warm dessert option or at room temperature.
Feta Chilli Fillo Bites
These crispy Feta Chilli Fillo bites are a great savoury finger food option for your next party, or a wonderful snack when you feel like something small to enjoy. We love using this quick and easy technique, where Fillo Pastry is simply filled, rolled and sliced to create something delicious. It’s amazing what you can create when you have a packet of Fillo Pastry in the fridge!
Hazelnut Custard Fillo Cigars
This delicious sweet Fillo Pastry dessert recipe will impress! This finger food dessert is perfect for your next party. Crispy Fillo Pastry, and luscious creamy hazelnut custard are a match made in heaven. Try this custard dessert and this hazelnut dessert right now.
a pan filled with cinnamon rolls sitting on top of a table
Sourdough Cinnamon Buns. The recipe in the description and the 1st comment! #sourdough
Fluffy Sponge Cake Roll with Mascarpone Whipped Cream
Boaf cheesecake bread 💛
cranberry orange shortbread cookies stacked on top of each other
Cranberry Orange Slice and Bake Cookies
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Irresistible Blackberry Swirl Cake Roll
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a chocolate roll with ice cream and berries on a cutting board
Chocolate and blackberry meringue roulade dessert
The Best Ever Crunchies
three pieces of granola bars on a plate next to a glass of milk
British Flapjack – What Jessica Baked Next
Vanilla Chiffon Cupcakes
a person is decorating a cake with icing and chocolate frosting on a table
Tarta de queso con galletas lotus
Tarta de queso con galletas lotus
several different types of pastries on a pink and green checkered tablecloth with white stripes
Обалденный творожный рулет с маком! Пеку каждые выходные. Хватает на два дня. Деткам ну ооччень нравится.
a piece of cake on a plate with the words pellett written in russian
Торт Вишня-Маскарпоне
Очень нежный и вкусный торт "Вишня-Маскарпоне". С потрясающим шоколадным бисквитом, который не нуждается в пропитке! #бисквит #тортик #трюфель #Шоколадныйторт #торт #торты #медовыйторт #домашнийторт #рецепт #бисквит #пеку #Фундук #рецептытортов #тортсфундуком #Чернаясмородина #рецептгдеторт
a piece of cake with white frosting and black sprinkles on it
Фото 918188719050 из альбома Разное. Смотрите в группе Я люблю готовить.Домашние Рецепты. в ОК
Raspberry cheesecake (no bake) | Kookmutsjes