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Valentina Aliaga
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Decidí pasar los chats que subí a la página We and Suga a una histori… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

❝How the fuck did you get my number?❞ In which Min Yoongi likes to stalk Jimin and texts him every day. [hella crack and loads of cringe, so sorry]

⊱✧A.R✧⊰ @auroraraetana

They call you cry baby, cry baby But you don't fucking care Cry baby, cry baby So you laugh through your tears

Faerie Falls Lost within the neon mists, an ethereal world shimmers and glistens for but a moment as you realize... there is magic.

I doubt this would fit the forest, but I do love the picture. It could be a vision from further away, on a mountain side. It's easy to sell things to me with light blue & dark contrast ;