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Anto Manasevich
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Belly Fat, Exercises  Above are different ab workouts and ones that you could use to target different regions of your core, in order to mix and match your workouts and keep them interesting and challenging with distinct degrees of strength.

If you're ready to kick off 2015 with fresh strengthening moves that tone your muscles in a hurry, look no further. Simply check out these 15 workouts that you can crank out in 900 seconds.

SUSI MAY The 20-minute workout is perfect prep for what is to come in our Get Fit 2015 challenge.The workouts build on each other and get more challenging as you progress through the month.Your core will be involved in every workout from cardio to yoga,so let's work it!

This workout targets the core (abs and back) and glutes for a stronger The bodyweight circuit takes just under

Queue Farms  Daily stretching routine for sportsmen

12 basic stretches for your entire body. Never stretch when the body is cold. Do a brief warm up, get your muscles warm and loose before stretching them. Also, DO NOT bounce when you stretch. Slowly get to the point of most resistance and hold.