Amapola Rimbaud

Amapola Rimbaud

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Amapola Rimbaud
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By Gervasio Sanchez

Tom Stoddart Photography in Sarajevo siege

© tom stoddart, sarajevo — welcome to hell a woman hurried past graffiti in the area known as sniper alley in sarajevo’s main thorough fare during the siege, 1992

Bosnian War.

Brutal Pictures From The Bosnian War, 20 Years Later

Vietnam war part 1 Vietnam-War-011 –

Photo is of an air drop of supplies in Operation Junction City during the Vietnam War. Operation Junction City was the largest U. airborne operation since WWII’s Operation Market Garden and was the only major airborne operation of the Vietnam War.

An officer of Viet Cong bracing a soldier up. 1966.

A popular photo of a Vietcong soldier raising his Soviet - PPSH 41 which is later on used to be a useful propaganda tool in exhorting for a war against America.

Patti Smith Turns 67

Writer, poet, artist, musician, and all-around muse Patti Smith celebrates her birthday today

Twiggy ill in bed, Photo by Doreen Spooner.