Pebre-The Chilean condiment everyone should know about

Pebre (Chilean Chili Salsa) Makes approximately 3 cups *Notes: This is the way Ms. M's grandmother taught her to make pebre. M is from Santiago, so her pebre may look very different from a peb.


"Sopaipilla" is a famous chilean food and one of my favorite food, first because it's easy to cook and also because it's very tasty. Sometimes "sopaipillas" taste a little bland but you can mix them with pebre.

Leche asada tradicional: receta fácil de un clásico postre Chileno

Leche asada, receta tradicional Chilena - Fran is in the Kitchen

empanadas de carne

I was born and raised in South America and good empanadas are hard to find where I currently live. So if I want some good authentic empanadas de carne, I have

Recetas Chilenas - Especial Fiestas Patrias 2015 - Receta de empanadas vegetarianas, sopaipillas, dulces chilenos y mucho más! todas con fotos del paso a paso.

Especial 18 de Septiembre

This I wasted most of the day watching anime laying on my bed, and at night I went out with friends, but the was the best day because I went to an uncle's house with my family and ate like a pig

Mote con Huesillo...Comida Chilena

Mote con huesillo, it´s a traditional Chilean summer-time non-alcoholic drink…

Sopaipillas normales y Sopaipillas pasadas!!! Exquisitas !!!

Sopaipillas are a traditional Chilean food, a snack eaten during winter time, made of ground pumpkin mixed with dough; and then it's fried.