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a cross stitch picture of a turkey in the woods
the cross stitch pattern shows two rabbits in front of some trees and flowers, one is brown
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a cross stitch pattern with fruit and flowers
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Entrevista a Gera: punto de cruz a la japonesa
a round rug with an ornate design on the center and blue, red, yellow and orange colors
Hand Painted Canvas
Canvas Works Kirman Round - navy, gold ( PO54A-ROUND ) 23.0 w x 23.0 h inches 13 count canvas Price: $348.00
a cross stitch pattern with birds, flowers and butterflies on black ground cloths that have green trim around the edges
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a cross stitch pattern with flowers and ribbons
miniature needlepoint
miniature needlepoint
a colorfully decorated pillow on a wooden surface
a multicolored hand made rug on the ground
Estuche con motivos ..
a green rug with an ornate design on it's center and blue, red, yellow, and orange flowers in the middle
Modern Cross Stitch, Cross Stitch Patterns Free
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