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a painting with houses and flowers on it
a painting of a garden with lots of flowers and plants on it, including chickens
a book cover with flowers and birds on it
b y | a i t c h
the front cover of william morris's book, with flowers and leaves on it
Moniquilla · Diseño de estampados · pattern design
Inspiración: William Morris
a painting of birds and flowers on a black background
a decorative pillow on a chair with an embroidered bunny sitting in the middle of it
Blue Ribbon Hooked Rugs
1000+ images about Blue Ribbon Hooked Rugs on Pinterest | Rug ...
a sheep rug sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a basket filled with flowers
a close up of a piece of art on a table with needles in front of it
a close up of a rug with a bee and flowers on the front, surrounded by black background
Paper Rug Hooking/ Oxford Punch/ Embroidery/ Paper Patterns
a piece of art with trees and water in the background, on a table cloth
a colorful rug with flowers on it in the middle of tile flooring and checkered border
a black cat sitting on top of a rug with flowers and plants around its neck
a rooster and other farm animals on a patchwork quilt with the words morning sunshine
Country Morning
two blue birds sitting on top of a tree branch next to white and yellow flowers
Laurel Anderson - Playground
Laurel Anderson - Playground
a painting of a peacock is hanging on the wall
Sauder Rug Show, 2012
Ali Strebel: Sauder Rug Show, 2012
a cat is sitting on a rug with a rooster
Sauder Rug Show, 2012
an art piece is displayed on the wall in front of a house with chickens and roosters
a piece of art that is on the side of a wall with buildings and water
Hooked by Paula Weiss. Designed by Marianne Beckwith
an old window decorated with chickens and flowers
Freerange Chickens
Freerange Chickens
a painting of a rooster on a patch of ground with berries and leaves around it
Desgned by Pris Butler Hooked at The Highlands with Michele Micarelli #3 cut 21" x 25" Celebrations XV
a group of chickens standing next to each other on top of a wooden floor in front of a black background
Anne Knudson Griffith ' s rug
two roosters are walking in the grass with flowers and rocks around them on a patch
a colorful rooster with flowers on it's head is featured in the image, which appears to be made out of fabric
an embroidered rug with colorful flowers and leaves on black ground, in front of a white background
Dimensions: 44" x 78” Materials: #3-cut hand dyed wool on monk’s cloth Designed by Jane McGown Flynn and hooked by Lee Williams,Stigler, Oklahoma, 2020. [credit] Nic Hensley This rug is featured in Celebration 32.
a painting of a bird sitting on top of a tree next to a man and woman
'L'Étranger Mystérieux' (The Mysterious Stranger)' by Mark Twain. Illustrated by Atak (2013)
Magic rubs shoulders with philosophy in this short story about a trio of boys in 16th century Austria who meet a mysterious stranger. The Stranger is an angel named Satan. He tells the fearful boys that he is the only member of his family who has never made a mistake, unlike his fallen uncle. Twain asks questions about humanity, its moral sense and free will, its cowardice and vanity through the bond the 3 boys form with an angel who is totally indifferent to their kind.
a painting of a border collie surrounded by chickens and other birds in a garden
Anna Pugh - Works
a painting of chickens and other animals in a garden
Anna Pugh - Works
an artistic painting with animals and plants in the background
Anna Pugh, Unicorn Pool, 2018
Lis moi une histoire Pattern Illustrations, Nathalie Lete, French Artists, Artsy, In This Moment, Pop Up Book
products of the moment | nathalie-lete
Lis moi une histoire
a painting of two people sitting at a table surrounded by plants and flowers, with one person holding a book
the front cover of an illustrated book with flowers and leaves in green, blue, yellow and
Los mejores libros ilustrados que leí en 2017
Los mejores libros ilustrados que leí en 2017 – Linternas y bosques
a painting of birds sitting on top of a tree