Chilean Sheep Ranch Patagonia is filled with large ranches. Here a cowboy moves the last of his big herd forward onto new pastures.


A stunning image of a vineyard in Casablanca, in the central valley of Chile. Read the story of Carmenere , a wine produced in Chile is unique in the world :

Traditional Dances During Tapati Festival In Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile

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HUASO CHILENO  De mi querido Chile.

Independence Day party, Chile - expect huasos cowboys competing in city centre rodeos, folk groups performing Chile's national dance and pisco sours a-plenty at Santiago's annual party

Cueca Dancing Man, Punta Arenas - Chile (analog photography)

Cueca Dancing Man, Punta Arenas - Chile (analog photography)

Dancer in Chile. Doing what she loves. Dancing is important here.

Dinner was most often preparred by the woman or mother of the household and this is still very common today. It was and in some parts still is thought that the man worked and made money while the woman stayed home to cook, clean and care for the children.