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Set and Go

Set and go is a movement used by a centre-forward to enable him to shake off a defender and make space to get a shot away.

Passübungen Fussball

Der richtige Trainingsaufbau der Passübungen im Fussball Der FC Bayern München und der FC Barcelona machen es vor. Das optimale Passs

Carlos Queiroz Crossing & Finishing |

These dynamic soccer drills focus on: Finishing from distance, Interplay and Overlaps in wide areas, Finishing from crosses, Readjusting runs for 2nd balls.

Passen trainieren – 7 Übungen für das Passtraining | Fußball-Training-Blog.

7 abwechslungsreiche Übungen für das Passtraining im Fußball. Die Passübungen können variabel verändert und an die technischen Fähigkeiten der Spieler angepasst werden (z. B. verringert man die D...

Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Private/Individual Session - Passing, Receiving, and Finishing

Passing & Receiving: ; Receiving to Shoot: ; Fully Opposed 1v1: ; Skill, Combine, and Finish: ;

Understanding Team Positions for Soccer Training

If you are about to start soccer training for the first time, it is extremely important to understand the various team positions in the game. Having a basic understanding of soccer and all the positions that are involved will help you

Positional Rondos 4-2-3-1 Formation | SoccerSpecific

As coaches we all strive to find the balance of structure and creativity and all players love to play rondos. Why not accomplish both? Here is a unique way of working on team shape in possession, building working relationships of small groups within your team and its formation, as well as painting the overall picture of where players need to be based on the position of the ball and the opponent.

Finishing In A Square - Competitor Spot

Finishing in a square is a great drill for strikers to practice finishing in front of goal from multiple angles. Click here to find out more.