Laguna de Incas in Portillo, Chile

James Heim and Michelle Parker using Kayaks to access skiing on Laguna de Incas in Portillo Chile (summer beach activities)

Patagonia, Chile.

The Blue Glacier Ice Waters of Patagonia, Chile. Oh so want to go to Patagonia .have been told its so beautiful

Chile's Atacama Desert Is Now a Floral Wonderland

The Driest Place on Earth Is Now a Floral Wonderland

The Atacama desert is experiencing a rare springtime bloom of flowers after the heaviest rainfall in two decades earlier this year, caused by El Niño weather system. The desert is usually one of the driest places on Earth.

Chile bucket list

Chilean bucket list. What to see and do in Chile.

Chile- what is on my list Chile has a lot to offer, from the driest desert on Earth, high altitude geysers to the frozen mountains. Being the longest country in