Arequipa Peru - well known for its glistening white buildings made from sillar, a white volcanic rock, which gives the city its nickname “La Ciudad Blanca” or “The White City”.

La Hucachina-ica-PERÚ

The oasis town of Huacachina in the middle of the barren Peruvian desert is famed for the extensive sand dunes that tower around the water-blessed community that attracts international thrill seekers by the hordes to marvel at the novelty of it all.


Peru: A new program in the South American country will provide 2 million of the nation's poorest people with free electricity by giving them free solar panels.

El misti-arequipa

Arequipa, Peru- where I am currently studying Spanish again with my husband.

Reserva de paracas-PERÚ

Sea lions, Bahia de Paracas (Ballesta Islands) south of Lima


The First Presidency has recently announced the open house, cultural celebration, and dedication dates for the Trujillo Peru Temple .