Cool take on a rill or a stream via terragram

TERRAGRAM: Garangula Location: South Western Slopes, New South Wales, Australia Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd Landscape Contractors: Carl Valerius and Bates Landscape Services

indigena inuit

what a hair! Inuit woman, Nowadluk, (also known as Nora) with long/loose hair, Nome Alaska. 1903 Date: 1903 ~j

Coded Stories is a film project following Mapuche weavers in Chile.

Coded Stories: Art, Bar Codes, & Mapuche Identity by Okapi Films, via Kickstarter.

Urdimbre suplementaria en telar mapuche. Técnica (enlaces)

Urdimbre suplementaria en telar mapuche. Técnica (enlaces)

Ground Beneath by Jaakko Pernu — Nallikari, Oulu. Image credit: Wall-Mag.

Grow Your Own Architecture: Unusual Structures Made Out of Trees

Impressive natural art installations by Finnish sculptor and environment artist Jaakko Pernu.

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