Vestido realizado con globos.

Balloons Dress by Daisy Balloon (Daisy Balloon is balloon artist Rie Hosokai and art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada

Vestido realizado con teclado de ordenador y plásticos.

A day November 15 again marked the Day recycling in U. It was first held in Now their is a urgent need for reuse and recycling of materials than ever.

Vestido realizado con envoltorios.

Gary Harvey trashion designs: drss made from cans, bottle tops, and candy wrappers

Pulpo realizado con papel reciclado

Four art students at Strode College in the UK submitted this sublime octopus to "Cardboard Catwalk", a cardboard-themed fashion show at their school back i

Gorro realizado con latas.

"Upcycled Fashion" by designer Val Hunt - hat, necklace and dress made from drinks cans, bottle tops, carrier bags and plastic bottles - Repurposed Fashion

Vestido realizado con tenedores.

Vestido realizado con tenedores.

Vestido realizado con papel de periódico.

Image: Newspaper dress, made from 30 copies of the & Times& Gary Harvey’s first collection showcased nine of his stunning dresses at the Estethica exhibition at the London Fashion Week (Feb The collection creates a dramatic display

Vestido realizado con envases.

Cannes Day Marion Cotillard, Eva Longoria, and an Extraordinary Dress Made of Biscuit Trays. I can just imagine all the horrid plastic scrunching noises.

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