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(JPEG Image, 1529 × 3660 pixels) - Scaled Smaller, with floss to make a purse tassel?

Tapestry Weaving, Loom Weaving, Weaving Wall Hanging, Weaving Techniques, Yarn Crafts, Textile Art, Fiber Art, Peg Loom, Vespa

Tejido Arte 'Orquídea' arte de la fibra de por WallflowerWeavings

Woven Wall Art 'Orchid' - Fibre Art / Wall Hanging / Wall Decor / Weaving / Tissage / Whimsical Art - on offer!


March I'm into pompom making, it's relaxing and empties the mind. These colorful pillows are fun, maybe this'll be my next pompom project.

De cobre y de plata del colgante de pared gris por gatherhandwoven

Handwoven wall hanging on a raw wooden dowel. Features a silvery blue grey texture of merino finished in silky copper fringe. Navy braid made of hand dyed yarn detail at top of weaving.