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Image of light spreading through a prism

Light dispersion refers to the practice of separating a beam of white light into the individual colors that make up a beam of light. Use a prism to demonstrate this. Isaac Newton was the first to .

Some Shakesperian quotes collected by the Oxford Scholarly Editions in this infographic. The quality of his writing is noticeable.

April 2014 sees Shakespeare mature to the ripe old age of and to celebrate we have collected a multitude of quotes from the famous bard in the below graphic, crafting his features with his own words.

New Method for Diagnosing Breast Cancer | Breast Cancer News |

According to a new study, a novel mammography procedure could generate substantial added-value for the diagnosis of breast cancer in medical practice.

Purple guitar with arrow-shaped neck, mounted on stand (Photo by Erin de Jauregui)

Purple guitar with arrow-shaped neck, mounted on stand (Photo by Erin de Jauregui) Grammy award-winning musician Prince played this guitar — which is in the shape of the symbol that he used instead of a name — at the Super Bowl.

Van Halen Guitar Lesson - Learn how to really play like Eddie Van Halen at with Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino.  Check out and Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino's world famous Van Halen-style guitar lesson at

Eddie Van Halen's ~ "Frankenstrat" ~ pictured with 22 fret Kramer neck. Eddie created this Stratocaster himself, it was made by Fender Musical Instruments. A copy of the "Frankenstrat" is currently housed in the American History Museum in Washington, D.