Ariana Valeria Marcelo Rios

Ariana Valeria Marcelo Rios

adicta al cuchufli c:
Ariana Valeria Marcelo Rios
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Tsukkiyama comic strip by karinazig on DeviantArt

This was absolutely adorable! Normally I'm not crazy about yamaguchi stuff, but this is awesome! /// Haikyuu / hq / tsukishima / yamaguchi / karasuno / volleyball /////Tsukkiyama comic strip by karinazig on DeviantArt

Sorry daichi but...asahi isn't jesus

Sorry daichi but.asahi isn't jesus but that David Lopez vine tho

Hahaha, ow my - Haikyuu

LMAOOO SUGA NO (remember haikyuu stage play tho, that ass slap? Lmao Suga would totally do this xD )

#karasuno #hq

Was once the flightless birds. The fallen heroes. Now, we rise from our fallen kingdom.