Silvina Carvajal

Silvina Carvajal

Silvina Carvajal
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Fantastically located fish tank.

Fish tank in the ceiling. (I would either all asleep as soon as I walked into the room . or constantly be terrified that the ceiling was going to collapse. All in all, probably won't be part of my dream house.

Spiral hot dogs #camping recipe: 8 prepared crescent rolls, 8 hot dogs. Roll crescent rolls into 15-inch ropes and twist around hot dogs, securing the ends. Insert a long skewer into the end and cook over the campfire.

Curly Dogs Bread and hot dogs-a marriage made in heaven with taste buds and the hot dog finally stays in place! I think any frozen dough would work for this

outdoor dining area

Designer Jamie Durie framed this outdoor dining room by incorporating a large backyard pine tree into a stone wall. The benches are made of simple fallen tree trunks, an easy, inexpensive way to create gorgeous outdoor seating. - LOVE but trees grow.

Top 10 Awesome Ideas for your Garden - Creative DIY Ideas

Maybe we can make some waterfalls to help with the traffic sounds Giant Copper Rain Shower Wonderful Water Feature Design! Imagine this Giant Copper Rain Shower in your garden on hot summer days it would be just awesome!