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a woman sitting at a table with a drink in her hand and the words how to protect
How To Protect Your Content From Being Copied
I definitely used to think that no one would steal my content….until my content got stolen for the first time. If you’re afraid of someone stealing your content and want to learn what you need to do to keep your original content exactly that, check out my blog all about keeping your content from being copied. #onlineentrepreneur #onlinebusinesstips #legaltips
a woman sitting on a couch with the words what contacts do online business coaches need
What Contracts Do You Need For An Online Coaching Business
There’s this (false) myth out there that because you’re starting an online business, you don’t need the same type of legal protection that you would if you started a good ol’ brick and mortar business. That’s not only false — it’s dangerous. Because if you don’t get legal protection as you start your online coaching business, you’re putting yourself at serious risk. I’ll break down which contracts online coaches need most and what they do to protect you. #legaltemplates #legallylegit
the words copyright issues every business owner needs to know before using photos online on their website
Copyright basics you need to know!
Before you pull that photo from your google search and add it to your blog, make sure you're aware of the legal ramifications for doing so. Head to the blog to learn more. #copyrightrights #legaltip #onlinebusiness
a woman sitting at a table with her laptop in front of her and the words 3 steps to trademark your brand
Trademark Your Business In 3 Steps / Sprout Law
You need to trademark your brand.A trademark is the exclusive right to use your company name, logo, or tagline.That means you're the only one who can use your brand.
the words how to protect a brand name you'll use in the future on top of a desk
Sprout Law® — How to Protect a Brand Name You'll Use in the Future
It’s never too early to trademark your brand. In fact, you can trademark your brand before your first sale.Here’s how to protect your brand from the very beginning…
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a woman looking at her laptop with the words legal tips should i trade mark or copyright my logo?
Should I Trademark Or Copyright My Logo? - The Legalpreneur
someone writing on a piece of paper with the words what to include in your client contacts
What to include in your client contracts — The Independent Girls Collective
the words making your business legal the first steps you need to take on pink background
Six steps you need to take to make your new business legal — The Independent Girls Collective
the cover of legal structures for your business guide to help you choose a business structure
Choosing a Legal Structure for Your Business
a computer with the words here's everything you need to know about an lic and how it works
Everything you need to know about LLC's and how to form it (LLC guide)