Cómo hacer un diseño creativo en un telar ✿⊱╮

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Diy Crafts Ideas Get hooked on a new creative hobby with a weaving loom kit from Etsy seller TheUnusualPear. -Read More -

Colors with Wild Plum Co |The Weaving Loom

Talking Colors with Wild Plum Co

We’re going to talk about using color in weaves and to help me talk about color, I’ve turned to my favorite weaver of colors Cassie H…

Árbol en relieve

Dimensional Weaving - Martina Celerin fiber art Man do I need some supplies!

I love my counting string!  Brings so much sanity to winding a warp.

I discovered that a student needed to use a counting string when making the warp for her very first project! I’ve put a note to myself to add it when the book is reprinted.

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Learn to create beautiful texture to your weaving by following this step-by-step tutorial that utilizes 5 easy techniques. So simple and pretty!

DIY Weaving Techniques

With these step-by-step directions, this Popsicle stick scarecrow is so easy to make!