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I have finished my video on how to do the herringbone weave. This video will give you a good idea of how your weft flows over and under the warp threads to create the pattern.

Victorian Fun-Fur. Count three more holes from the outer layer, and then put a pair of sticks over the next two threads. Work the next unit, exactly like the first.  Continue working further units in the same way. When you have enough units, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut all the yarn between the sticks, like cutting a pom-pom. Lift out the sticks. Fluff up the pile, and there you have your Victorian fun-fur stitch.

Victorian Fun-Fur

textural rug making textile art technique Victorian Fun-Fur - herringboning ***possibly try this with thinner yarn over toothpicks for miniature version***

What a fun idea!

What a fun idea! Great way to integrate chunky art yarn into a weaving!

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