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Porotos con Mazamorra <3 Comida típica chilena!


Ingredientes: 2 kilos de porotos granados ½ kilo de zapallo pelado y picado en cubitos 3 choclos medianos rallados o puede usar congelados 2 tabletas de caldo de pollo o verduras 1 cebolla mediana picada fina 2 dientes de ajo machacados 1 ají verde o al gusto 4 hojas de albahaca 1 tomate (opcional) 2 cucharada de aceite o manteca 1/2 cucharadita de orégano ½ cucharadita de pimienta sal al gusto Preparación: Desgrane y lave los porotos. Troce el zapallo en cubos de 2 cms. Pique la cebolla y…

Mote con huesillos...( Chile is a refreshing drink, not alcohol, which is composed of a mixture of caramel juice, with corn and wheat dried peaches, called ossicles).

Mote Con Huesillo - Traditional Chilean Drink - Pepe's Chile

Mote con Huesillo roughly translates to peaches with wheat. When you think of that combination, you might be tempted to turn away. However, this isn’t a pile of chewy ingredients. This is a drink made from husked wheat (mote), and dried peaches (huesillo) soaked in sugar water to make a sweet and flavorful combination. In […]

Torta mil hojas - How do they make all those layers?? Once again, lots of manjar. A very decadent dessert. If you don't like manjar, this (and many other Chilean pastries) is not for you.

Dulce de Leche layers Cake (torta mil hojas)

"Live in each season as it passes: breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit." Henry David Thoreau (I love this sentence when I read at Marie'site a friend of mine, she has two lovely blogs if you dont know please visit her, and ) I made other Torta Mil Hojas Recipe with layers in other posts (see cakes) buth is the typical that we make to birthdays and holidays, I make this Mil Hojas Cake to the Father's day…


Fructe exotice - Cherimoya

Cherimoya este unul dintre fructele exotice vulnerabile la transport, motiv ce determina un export mai scazut.



Pronto llega las fiestas de fin de año y tenemos que prepararnos Nada mas hermoso que hacer nuestro propio PAN DE PASCUA ,GALLETAS DE JENGIBRE y unos hermosos postres Un trocito de pan de pascua Alumnas que han realizado taller Temática Para vender o regalar un rico pan de pascua Aprender a realizar pan de pascua, elaboración, cocción y conservación. ○ Decorar un pan de pascua ○ Preparación y elaboración de galletas de jengibre y miel ○ Preparación y elaboración de glasé Al termino del…

Chilean hot dogs

Chilean completos

On Mr. Mordecai's most recent trip to Chile, he was lucky enough to have one of his favorite Chilean foods, completos. The first time he asked me to make him completos, I was skeptical. I just didn't think that avocado on a hot dog sounded all that good. But it was good. Better than ketchup. Oh, wait, they add that too. Want a taste of Chile? It's not as gross as it sounds. After my initial taste of a completo with all the toppings, I now prefer mine with just the avocado and tomatoes…

Cola de Mono....(Monkey's Tail,  aguardiente liquor with milk, cinnamon, coffee and sugar. Typical drink around Christmas time).

Ponche Cola de Mono

Cocktail. Chef & Quality. Vainilla

Cazuela is the ultimate Chilean comfort food. I used to live in Santiago.. an absolutely fantastic city!

Cazuela is the ultimate Chilean comfort food. I used to live in Santiago.. an absolutely fantastic city!