Desierto de Atacama Chile

Valle de la Luna in the Chilean Desert. Easily the most beautiful place I've ever been [done]

Lake Chungara, Lauca National Park, Chile

Top Tourist Attraction It is called Lauca National Park. Location- far North of Chile Andean range Features of the Park - the "beautiful Lago Chungará," which is the world's highest lakes. - Volcano "looms over" and is a perfect cone.

Chile - Patagonia

Patagonia photography from Pacific Northwest photography Jesse Estes. Stories and photos from a 2012 trip to Argentina and Chile

i miss chile <3 Cerro Artilleria, Valparaíso, Chile

On a Shelf with No Paddle

Pasaje Bavestrello, Puerto de Valparaíso, Chile

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La Laguna Roja, Chile

This lake in north Chile looks like a massive blood bath

Bernhard Edmaier "Colours of the Earth" : Laguna Roja Chile Aerial