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Don't Think Twice-Bob Dylan & Wynton Marsalis (Location Unknown/June 2004 Audio Only)

Bestseller Books Online The PRS Guitar Book: A Complete History of the Paul Reed Smith Guitars - 3rd Edition Dave Burrluck $23.1  -

The PRS Guitar Book: A Complete History of the Paul Reed Smith Guitars - Edition, a book by Dave Burrluck

Eric Clapton’s Blackie – While Clapton first considered playing the Stratocaster partly because of Hendrix’s influence, he unquestionably made it his own. Compiled from parts of a few other Strats, Blackie was played by Clapton for well over a decade, during the height of his career. #guitar #music #history

Rock guitarist Eric Clapton has had a legendary career. This articles tells you 23 things you should know about him. The text also provides a short biography of Eric Clapton.

B.B. King’s Lucille – The story of Lucille is the stuff of guitar folklore. First, picture B.B. running back into a burning dance hall he was playing to retrieve his beloved Gibson ES-355. #guitar #music #history

King -Performing with his famous guitar, Lucille. Over a period of 64 years, King has played in excess of performances. A feature documentary about B. King narrated by Morgan Freeman, and directed by Jon Brewer was released on October 2012

The History of Guitar, painted with wood finish onto a canvas. Which by the way doesn't work so well. I make it work!

The History of Guitar, wood-finish painting!