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Learn How to Make a Woven Necklace Using a DIY Loom

Woven necklace fabric bead by Roxy Taghavian on September 2015 Weaving has had a major comeback in the last year, with macrame taking a front seat in window displays and the more dens


Moss Green Alpaca poncho - a long rectangle, wrapped around and joined to form neckline. Pick up stitches at neckline and knit about rows in the round.

Joining 2 pieces of weaving tgr

Simple non-crochet methos for joining two pieces of weaving - good for pin loom or potholder loom squares, as well as for narrow weavings from slender looms.

Telaresisa- Saori like artistic weavings.  by Ivette Sauterel Augsburger of Santiago, Chile

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Pin woven pocket (with pseudo-tutorial) - FIBER ARTS

Pin woven pocket (with pseudo-tutorial) - FIBER ARTS hmmmm interesting!

caminos de mesa bordados a mano

Caminos De Mesa Bordados A Mano

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Piesera tejida a telar mariposa con terminaciones a crochet.

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