"Sopaipilla" is a famous chilean food and one of my favorite food, first because it's easy to cook and also because it's very tasty. Sometimes "sopaipillas" taste a little bland but you can mix them with pebre.

Making Pastel de Choclo (Chilean Corn Pie)

Pastel de Choclo (Chilean Corn Pie

Making Pastel de Choclo (Chilean Corn Pie) <<< not with raisins though

Pan Amasado

Hallullas are a very popular Chilean bread. They are simple, round, rather plain-looking breads, but they are quite tasty and rich, th.

La Marraqueta existe solo en mi pais...comerla caliente con mantequilla es lo mejor!

Pan marraqueta is a popular roll with a characteristic shape in Chile, which has very similar taste and texture to French bread.

el completo

Ripped knickers and other Chilean food you just have to try

The Completo--Chilean hotdogs Smothered in chopped tomato, mashed avocado, whatever you want!

Chilean empanadas- childhood memories here! Totally making these soon!

When it comes to food, I'm always up for anything. The other day my rommate's Mom prepared what I'd been craving for years: Chilean Empana.

En Chile, el relleno de empanadas más tradicional es llamado "pino". Pino es una mezcla sazonada de suelo, cebolla, pasas, aceitunas negras, y huevos duros. El pino sabe mejor si se hace el día anterior y se les permite descansar durante la noche antes de rellenar las empanadas. Rutwika y Aysha

A recipe for a traditional Chilean food. step by step to get the best Santiago's meat pie

porotos con rienda

This very traditional dish is typically served during winter in Chile. Made with a base of spaghetti and beans, its name- porotos con riendas or “bean