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These Books Encourage Our Kids to Be Respectful

A themed menu, conversation starters, book list, and activity to teach kids about respecting and including others.

15 Picture Books About Being Kind

Whether you have a kindhearted kid, or you are hoping to influence your child's developing interpersonal skills, these picture books about kindness introduce your child to engaging characters and story lines demonstrating kindness in action.

Childrens Books About Empathy | Mommy Evolution

Anytime I see any new Childrens Books About Empathy, I can't help but get it to read with my kids. Teaching children empathy is one of the greatest gifts.

The best children's books that will teach your child to be a good friend

These are the BEST picture books about friendship that teach kids how to be a good friend and how to handle friendship problems. Kid- and parent-approved!

Children's Books about Positive Behavior

Help your kids learn how to behave, get along with others, and handle their emotions with these children's books about positive behavior.

Diversity Books for Kids: 15+ Children's Books about Diversity

Diversity books for children are important. The younger you start reading diversity books, the quicker diversity gets normalized – because it is – and children won't know any different. Here is a list of children's books that celebrate differences around the world.

Books That Help Kids Develop Healthy Personal Boundaries

Reading books that help kids develop healthy personal boundaries to our children can help them learn to say no to unwanted advances and keep them safe.

Teaching Kids Manners - The Relaxed Homeschool

Good manners are something we all want our children to have as well as having good life skills when they are ready to leave the nest. We want them to behave at home, school, out in public, and even when they’re just with their friends. But good manners don’t just come naturally; manners are something thatRead More >>

Picture Books About Resilience - No Time For Flash Cards

Over a dozen great books about resilience for kids in this book list from No Time For Flash Cards. Resilience for kids is vital, these books can help.

Teaching Empathy and Kindness: A Book List - Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Using literature is an effective way to teach empathy, kindness and other social skills. Click on any of the books on this lis to see a full review.

Children’s Books about Homelessness

Blog post at PragmaticMom : In creating this list, I noticed that most of these homelessness stories have parents who work part-time jobs, often more than one. Despite [..]

18+ Diverse American Folktales and Tall Tales for Kids

A collection of American folktales, tall tales, folklore, and fables for kids. Learn about American myths and legendary heroes with picture books.

The BEST 20 Kid's Books to Teach Vital Social Emotional Skills

A former school psychologist recommends 20 books to teach elementary age children social emotional skills such as coping with worry and respecting others.

37 Children's Books that Crush Gender Stereotypes

Children's books that defy gender stereotypes are great conversation starters! I love having something as easy as a book to help me ask some great questions

25+ Preschool Books about Feelings and Emotions - Natural Beach Living

25+ Preschool Books about Feelings and Emotions will get your children excited about learning and exploring their emotions. Books about Emotions for Toddlers and Preschoolers and The Best Picture Books About Emotions for Toddlers and Preschoolers