Valdivia, Chile.  #HipmunkBL

I have no idea where this is in Chile - can anybody help me?

Valle Nevado, Chile

Qué blanco era mi valle

Valle Nevado, Chile great mountain not a single tree on mountain so judging speed was a bit interesting.

Laguna Arcoiris Parque Nacional Conguillio - Chile

Laguna Arcoiris Parque Nacional Conguillio - Chile

Reloncaví Estuary, Chile

The Reloncava estuary ins a body of water leading directly toward the Pacific ocean.


Memorable evenings were spent drinking with my fellow travellers on our private balcony overlooking Villarica Volcano, Pucón - Chile.

Reflejos en el Rio Cochamo - Valle de Cochamo (Patagonia - Chile)

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