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Josefina Bravo-Alvez

Josefina Bravo-Alvez
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Matematicas Maravillosas: Mapuche y Matemáticas - Matemáticas "ENTRETEJIDAS"

Matematicas Maravillosas: Mapuche y Matemáticas - Matemáticas "ENTRETEJIDAS"

Fidel Castro quotes ! #words #Quotes #wisdom #Cuba #Castro #Socialism #JeremyCorbyn #BernieSanders

Fidel Castro quotes ! #words #Quotes #wisdom #Cuba #Castro #Socialism #JeremyCorbyn #BernieSanders

Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism

i love mlk

Sometimes I just need to read one of Wilde's quotes to remember why this man is my favorite author / thinker / everyday life philosopher.. :)

This man is a Wonderful author / thinker / everyday life philosopher.

Socialism vs. Capitalism

Socialism is not Communism. Unregulated Capitalism leads to a Communist State. Libertarians are selfish pro unregulated capitalism. They will destroy our country if given the chance. Don't believe their lies!

Henry David Thoreau (Authors Series) by Ryan Sheffield

Henry David Thoreau a transcendentalist who fought for the rights of equality and dedicated his whole life to the ideas of doing the opposite of what society was telling him to do.

Be enraged!!! So, we are getting rid of illegal immigrants and limiting those who are coming in, but our immigrant ancestors stole the land away from the native people who were here, even killing them. Now we are taking away their rights to the little land they have left. Denying them the right to protect their land and water. This is horribly outrageous. Please, everyone help! Speak out!

end US oppression of Native Peoples!

Don McCullin - Un manifestant anti-guerre solitaire affronte la police à Whitehall pendant la crise des missiles cubains, Londres, 1962.

A lone anti-war protester confronts police in Whitehall, London, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, London, 1962 Don McCullin is a war photographer who travelled all over the world to document the wars and crisis'.Photo Don McCullin

The Black Consciousness Movement started as a student movement and quickly became the voice and spirit of anti-Apartheid resistance in 1970s South Africa.

How Stephen Bantu Biko Became an Anti-Apartheid Martyr

Nelson Mandela Anti-apartheid activist who became President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, the first to be elected in a fully democratic process. Mandela served 27 years in prison. Following his release in 1990, Mandela supported reconciliation and negotiation, and led the transition towards multi-racial democracy in South Africa. One of Mandela’s primary commitments in recent years has been to the fight against AIDS. He won the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize. Photo by Hans Gedda

Esquire cover may 2010 Madiba - Nelson Mandela - South Africa