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Elena Breivius

Elena Breivius
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Head in a jar. Ok, that's awesome!

Halloween Decor Idea - Head in a jar. Writing Prompt: You go to the refrigerator for a midnight snack and find this on your shelf. What do you do? (Note: At the time, you don't know it is fake.

Place cloth over doll, spray fabric with fabric quick stiffening spray, and let it dry before removing doll

Ghost Children: Get a doll, drape fabric and spray the hell out of it with Fabric Quick Stiffening Spray . Let it set then remove doll from underneath and set the draped fabric back.

My Halloween pumpkin, The Cheshire Cat! I wanted... | mufflednoise * tumblr

My Halloween pumpkin, The Cheshire Cat! I wanted something related to the OUAT universe that wasn’t too hard (don’t have a carving kit)… so I chose this. Iconic and related to OUATIW.