Сова. Валяние игрушек из шерсти / Техника валяние из шерсти - мастер классы для начинающих, игрушки / Лунтики. Развиваем детей. Творчество и игрушки


A fulling of toys from the wool / Technician a fulling from wool - master classes for beginners, toy / Luntiki. We develop children.

Aguja waldorf fieltro muñeca inspirada con salto de cuerda

Needle felted waldorf inspired doll with jump от

Muñeca fieltro Waldorf aguja inspirado: la Caperucita por MagicWool

Items op Etsy die op Waldorf inspired needle felted doll: The Little Red Riding Hood lijken

hada de ropa

*NEEDLE FELT ART ~ Watermelon Juicy Bug: covered in cottot floss, it has a wood bead head and wire antenna. It's belly is made of nedle felted wool, the wings + hat are made of felt.


bumblebee stands 1 tall - it is made of a wire core covered in cotton floss…

Nursery Mobile Waldorf inspired needle felted : The por MagicWool

Nursery Mobile Waldorf inspired needle felted : The girl in red with daisy Más

Needle felted little gnome on a seed - waldorf inspired

Decorated with beads and felted balls Decoration for baby rooms or any place that needs a little touch of mother nature. Design by Zuzana Hochman Thank you for visiting my shop