Santiago Zlatar

Santiago Zlatar

Santiago, Chile / Estudiante de Publicidad. Me gusta improvisar cada día, en especial si tengo una birra bien helada que me acompañe.
Santiago Zlatar
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Coca-Cola (Space Invader Edition)

Designer Erin McGuire thinks that Coca Cola should be making some cool video game themed versions of their popular coke drinks, and has decided to put together these cool Coca Cola Space Invader editions of the original Coca Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero.

ALPHABETIC by BlinkmyBrain". WATCH IN HD!!!

Ariel Costa has created this cool type animation experiment, Alphabetic. He has personality-packed letters in this slick animation will keep you entertained from A to Z….featuring some Wall-E style sound design by Marcelo Baldin

That Super       created 99% using Adobe Ideas  and 1% Photoshop to add the logo.      @eugeniaclara

That Super created using Adobe Ideas and Photoshop to add the logo.