Basilica de los Sacramentinos, Santiago, Chile (by no solo pixeles).

Basilica de los Sacramentinos, Santiago, Chile Pretty sure we are going here with the group, but if not it will be something we do in our free time.

Wine's Museum | Santiago, Chile.

Wine Museum, Santiago de Chile

Is this real life?! Hotel Huilo-Huilo, Panguipulli, Chile

I LOVE Chile. When I go back I will have to stop here: Hotel La Montaña Mágica, Huilo-Huilo, Chile

Santiago, Chile

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Catedral de água - Santiago Chile

Water Cathedral was the 2011 winning entry for the MoMA young architects program international in its Chilean. The initiative is called YAP_CONSTRUCTO,.

Pomaire, Chile

ISA Service-Learning offers an optional exursion to Pomaire, Chile.

8 Things To Do In Valparaiso #Chile

8 things you can do in Valparaiso, Chile, a UNESCO Heritage town.

Terraza Neptuno - Santiago - Chile

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