Vicente Calcagno Agustí

Vicente Calcagno Agustí

Vicente Calcagno Agustí
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Mark Rothko, 1961

dailyrothko: “ Mark Rothko, Untitled, Pen and ink on paper. (A new scan of this replaces our old one which was grainier and slightly coral. This shows a much smoother surface and no tint in the wash. Christopher Rothko presumably approved this.

Gothic Garden... Black Sunflower.

Black Sunflowers - I'm growing some of these for my boyfriend, but they gave me quite a scare; the seedlings start out a dark pink colour, and I thought they were sick!


Want to find this sunflower! Do you wish for a truly velvety, luscious, deep red Sunflower with no hint of brown or gold? This is it folks – crimson perfection! It’s a MULTI-BRANCHING Sunflower growing tall & of course is fabulous for cutting.


Sunflower - since I feed the birds sunflower seeds, I always have a few sunflowers pop up around the garden. I love the watch the yellow finches balancing on the flower head when it goes to seed. besides tulips sunflowers come in


Sunflower in spring season. Large fields nearby, and a Festival every June. One summer Better Homes and Gardens came and filmed as we had a huge party on the lawn.